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Friday, September 18, 2009

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Columnist?

by Alicia Colon

Many concerned Americans breathed a sigh of relief when the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Anthony "Van" Jones, resigned. The idea of an avowed communist as the president's "Green Jobs Czar" was not only alarming; it prompted the question of how carefully he was vetted. Is there no longer a requirement that personnel at the White House obtain a security clearance? After viewing the videos of Mr. Jones's radical speeches, however, I was more alarmed at the audience cheering them. How clever are the fifth columnists and how dumb are we that we didn't recognize the enemy?

When the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed, we idealistically assumed that this meant we had defeated communism. The disciples of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, however, who were firmly entrenched in Hollywood, the mainstream media, and academia, cleverly adapted to an agenda that appealed to the naïve.

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