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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Trick

How to convince middle-class Americans that Obamacare won’t cost them a thing.

by Michael G. Franc

President Obama has painted himself into a very tight corner with his promises on health-care reform.

First, he has vowed repeatedly and unambiguously that no one with an annual family income of $250,000 or less will face a tax increase. He renewed the pledge in his September 9 speech before the joint session of Congress. “The middle-class,” he vowed, “will realize greater security [under his health-care reform plan], not higher taxes.”

Translation: No matter how much new tax revenue Obamacare may require, rest assured that every penny will come (with apologies to former senator Bob Dole) not from you, not from me, but from those 4 million “wealthy” American households behind that tree. If you live in one of the 130 million or so non-rich households, you can just sit back and watch your rich neighbors fight the tax man...

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